Strawberry Lime Cake

I was looking earlier this month for a lighter, “fruitier,” dessert to make for us when we got home from treating ourselves to a dinner out.  I am becoming more and more open to baking with coconut flour and using canned coconut milk in “frosting” recipes as I have found that the coconut flavor is very minimal, or my taste buds are changing and getting more used to it.  We didn’t end up having this dessert the night of our dinner out, one because I didn’t have the coconut milk chilling in the fridge, and two, because we wouldn’t have been able to eat it anyways, we were so full from dinner.  Anyhow, when I did end up making it we were both hooked and I knew this would be one that I would be making again in the future, especially with summer approaching and berries coming into season.  I would call this more of a “shortcake” versus lime cake, because I didn’t taste the lime in the cake, but it didn’t really matter, it is tasty :).




Buffalo Chicken Bites

It is not often that I want fried boneless wings drenched in wing sauce, but yesterday was one of those days when they sounded good.  I have experimented with almond flour as my breading for fried chicken in the past, and it tastes good, but it tends to fall of when you take it out of the skillet or pick up the chicken to eat it.  This recipe calls for tapioca flour as part of its batter.  I didn’t have any and didn’t want to go buy any just for one meal, so I substituted arrowroot powder instead.  I also don’t like straight Frank’s Red Hot sauce on my wings, so I mixed it with my husband’s homemade BBQ sauce to “calm it down” a bit for me.  (I will have to get his BBQ sauce recipe and post it in the future!) My husband also enjoyed a little drizzle of ranch dressing on his.

I had to cook these in several batches, so we didn’t get to really sit down and eat together for this meal, but we both really enjoyed the meal and had a little bit of leftovers as well.  We had rosemary garlic oven fries along with our chicken bites, and although it is more of a “splurge meal,” at least we knew what all of the ingredients were, could get the right amount of sauce on our chicken without asking (lots!), and we didn’t have to go out to get it.  I should’ve taken a picture of them right out of the skillet, but I always like to taste-test first and make sure a recipe is “blog-worthy,” plus I forgot about it until all we had was leftovers to take a picture of :).



Homemade Goetta

I had never heard of the word “goetta” until I moved to SE Indiana.  People were surprised when they asked me if I’d had it and I said no, that in fact, I had no clue what it even was.  Their explanation of what it is didn’t spur my curiosity enough to try it, as most people just said it was like breakfast sausage but it has oats in it.  I figured there was no reason to change from the breakfast sausage I already liked in order to try something new that people couldn’t describe the taste of very well.

I finally gave in and tried goetta ~2 years ago after running a 5K that was part of the Bockfest in Cincinnati.  My husband and I got a goetta dog, and I’m not sure if it was just the hunger after doing a run or if it was just that good, but I was hooked.  I always put ketchup on any kind of grilled “dog,” but I remember eating this one plain and being perfectly ok with it.  After that, we ended up buying a tube of the actual breakfast goetta and making it at home.  We try to make goetta more of an occasional indulgence versus a regular item on the breakfast menu.  The problem is, I cannot regularly find a brand locally that doesn’t contain nitrates and/or preservatives, which we are trying our best to avoid.

Earlier this month my husband and I were talking about how goetta sounded good, and he began researching how hard it is to make your own.  It is time-consuming, but we got multiple freezer bags out of 1 batch, enough for plenty of future breakfasts.



Homemade guacamole

The first time I tried guacamole was in Cancun ~3 years ago.  I was skeptical because I had never tasted anything made with avocado before, and the texture of guacamole had just always kind of turned me off.  But, being on vacation, I thought, “What the heck, why not?!”  It turned out that the guacamole at the resort had a very pleasant and strong lime and garlic flavor, so that I didn’t even know that I was eating avocado.

When we got home from that trip, we found several guacamole recipes online and began trying them.  Our first time making it on our own was a little comical, as we didn’t realize that the avocado wasn’t very ripe. It was very hard to smash in the bowl and ended up being a little too “crunchy” for our liking.  Over time we have “tweaked” our recipe until we have found one we really like and have stuck with.  It is easy enough to add your own favorites to this recipe, such as diced onion and/or tomato, but it is just as good without these items as well.  This recipe usually makes enough for a dinner for the two of us plus a little bit of leftovers (sometimes, depending on whether I clean out the bowl with my spoon/fork or not), but it could easily be doubled or more to accommodate your family size or to make enough for a gathering.



Apple Pie Bars

I was trying to keep the grocery list a little shorter this week, so I went looking for  breakfast/snack/dessert bar recipes that contain few ingredients, and ones that I already have in the kitchen.  I also wanted something fruity versus chocolatey.  These bars looked perfect, as they only contain 5 ingredients.  The recipe only makes a small batch, but you could easily double it if looking to take it to a gathering (or to freeze for later).

I couldn’t resist sticking my finger in the bowl for a sample of the “batter” after the bars were in the oven and before I washed the bowl.  I was immediately glad that I had put the pan in the oven, because I probably would’ve just taken a spoon to the bowl and just started eating the batter raw.  The next time I make these I might just spread the batter in the pan, put it in the freezer to solidify, and cut it and eat it as a no-bake bar.  The apple flavor is much stronger when it is not baked.  The bars are still good baked, I just always like to experiment a bit after making something for the first time.  You could always make a batch each way and see which is your favorite.



Cranberry Apple Cobbler

We have really been enjoying fresh cranberries around here since Thanksgiving time.  I learned my lesson last year that after Christmas they become hard to find in the store and disappear quickly, only to return to the shelves the next year around the end of October/early November.  So, this year I bought some extra bags and put them in the freezer so we could enjoy them for a little while longer :).

I wanted to find something new to make other than cranberry sauce and cranberry bars (both of which are very tasty, just didn’t want to get burnt out on them!), so when I found this recipe I bookmarked it pretty quickly to try for the next week after my grocery run.  It is a nice combination of sweet and tart, and I bet it would be a good “comfort food” for the cold winter days that will soon come!



Avocado Egg Salad

I was looking for something to have for lunch on a weekend, a day when there was no leftovers to heat up.  There were 1-2 boiled eggs left in the fridge from that week, so I went looking for something to make with these.  I remember thinking when I was younger that egg salad wasn’t all that good, but mostly because I don’t really like mayonnaise.  I found several recipes mentioning avocado egg salad, so I figured, as I usually do with something new, “Why not try it?”

Some of the recipes called for mayonnaise, so if you like it you can certainly add it in.  The one I went the most off of also called for some crumbled bacon on top, and while I can’t argue that this would be good, I either didn’t have any or didn’t feel like frying any.  This was a great filler for lunch, but could also be good for a quick breakfast or even a light dinner.  I spread mine over a toasted piece of pumpernickel bread (with a little melted butter).  Eat it straight from the mixing bowl with a fork or use your favorite bread/cracker, etc.  It’s pretty simple to make this your own.