Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

This has become one of my favorite breakfast smoothies.  It seems that recently I have been having this at least once per week.  I call it my “chocolate ice cream” for breakfast :).  Unlike some other smoothies I have had, it is also quite filling.  I like to have it with 2 chicken apple sausage links to make sure I get some protein.

Let’s face it, I’m no photographer, so it was hard to get a “good” picture of this one.  It may not look the greatest from the picture, but it is worth trying!


I got the idea for this smoothie at:

Here are specific measurements for the ingredients, although to be honest I don’t measure anymore.  I just pour/scoop everything in and “eyeball it.”  You will notice I omitted the crushed ice and flaxseed.  I like a very creamy smoothie and my blender doesn’t like ice too well, and I don’t always have flaxseed around.


-8 ounces almond milk
-1 ripe banana (you could use a frozen one to make it more like ice cream!)
-1 tablespoon honey
-½ avocado
-2 tablespoons cocoa powder
-2 tablespoons almond butter


-Mix all ingredients into high-speed blender and blend until it’s all smooth!

No excuses not to have time to make this, it is easy and quick and could easily be poured into a to-go cup to have on the way to wherever you are headed in the morning.  In my opinion breakfast is the best meal of the day; don’t miss out!


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