Homemade guacamole

The first time I tried guacamole was in Cancun ~3 years ago.  I was skeptical because I had never tasted anything made with avocado before, and the texture of guacamole had just always kind of turned me off.  But, being on vacation, I thought, “What the heck, why not?!”  It turned out that the guacamole at the resort had a very pleasant and strong lime and garlic flavor, so that I didn’t even know that I was eating avocado.

When we got home from that trip, we found several guacamole recipes online and began trying them.  Our first time making it on our own was a little comical, as we didn’t realize that the avocado wasn’t very ripe. It was very hard to smash in the bowl and ended up being a little too “crunchy” for our liking.  Over time we have “tweaked” our recipe until we have found one we really like and have stuck with.  It is easy enough to add your own favorites to this recipe, such as diced onion and/or tomato, but it is just as good without these items as well.  This recipe usually makes enough for a dinner for the two of us plus a little bit of leftovers (sometimes, depending on whether I clean out the bowl with my spoon/fork or not), but it could easily be doubled or more to accommodate your family size or to make enough for a gathering.




Avocado Egg Salad

I was looking for something to have for lunch on a weekend, a day when there was no leftovers to heat up.  There were 1-2 boiled eggs left in the fridge from that week, so I went looking for something to make with these.  I remember thinking when I was younger that egg salad wasn’t all that good, but mostly because I don’t really like mayonnaise.  I found several recipes mentioning avocado egg salad, so I figured, as I usually do with something new, “Why not try it?”

Some of the recipes called for mayonnaise, so if you like it you can certainly add it in.  The one I went the most off of also called for some crumbled bacon on top, and while I can’t argue that this would be good, I either didn’t have any or didn’t feel like frying any.  This was a great filler for lunch, but could also be good for a quick breakfast or even a light dinner.  I spread mine over a toasted piece of pumpernickel bread (with a little melted butter).  Eat it straight from the mixing bowl with a fork or use your favorite bread/cracker, etc.  It’s pretty simple to make this your own.



Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

This has become one of my favorite breakfast smoothies.  It seems that recently I have been having this at least once per week.  I call it my “chocolate ice cream” for breakfast :).  Unlike some other smoothies I have had, it is also quite filling.  I like to have it with 2 chicken apple sausage links to make sure I get some protein.

Let’s face it, I’m no photographer, so it was hard to get a “good” picture of this one.  It may not look the greatest from the picture, but it is worth trying!



Raw Chocolate Raspberry “Brownies”

I went looking for some new dessert recipes again, and since berries are coming into season, I decided to make this one (also because the picture on the website looked so pretty!)  🙂  I didn’t feel like firing up the oven last weekend, so it was nice to have several no-bake options to choose from, where you can do a lot of the work with the food processor and then just put it in the fridge/freezer.  Like a lot of the new recipes we’ve tried, you have to get used to its texture, but once you taste the chocolate and raspberry mix it takes your mind off of the texture.



Trying New Things: Avocado

An avocado is not something I was ever tempted to try until recently.  The first time I had guacamole was ~2 years ago when we visited Cancun.  Surprisingly, the guacamole, salsa, and chips were better than my actual dinner entrée.  It had such a nice lime and garlic flavor that I forgot that it had avocado in it.

There is something about the overall appearance of an avocado, as well as the texture once you cut it in half, that just didn’t appeal to me.  I think most people would agree that they would tend to eat food that looks more appetizing over one that doesn’t look visually appealing.  To me, an avocado isn’t “pretty.”  On top of that, I sometimes tend to have an issue with foods that have “different” textures.  Once you cut it in half and start to scoop it out, the avocado falls into that texture category to me.



When I started looking into it, the nutrition benefits of avocado definitely outweighed the fact that it’s not “pretty” and has a “weird” texture.  They are high in potassium, fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, and “good fat,” amongst other vitamins/nutrients.  They have anti-inflammatory properties and are good for blood vessel and heart health.  The list goes on.

When I was looking for some “sweet treat” recipes, I began to see several that used avocado.  My initial thought was, “How can that be any good?”  A dessert that tastes like avocado sounded disgusting.  When I read reviews of the recipes, however, I found that most commented on how moist/creamy the avocado made the dessert.  There were no complaints about the dessert tasting like avocado.  So, I thought, I am making so many other changes in my diet, maybe it’s time to try something totally new.  What did I have to lose?