Cinnamon Bun Muffins

Another favorite pastime: me getting to eat the very center (and last bite) of my husband’s Pillsbury cinnamon roll at breakfast.  The softest, gooiest, and most icing-soaked part of the roll, always put a smile on my face.  Obviously those days are gone, but I found a muffin recipe that is pretty good at taking the place of the cinnamon rolls, minus the icing (which I still miss!).  Seems like many “vanilla” or “cream cheese” icing recipes that do not contain dairy or sugar are made with coconut milk/cream, and I just can’t quite get myself to like coconut all that well yet.  Maybe one of these days my taste buds will allow it, as it has other flavors since the diet change…




Apple Pie Omelet

I went looking for something new to try for breakfast earlier this week, something that we already had the ingredients to make.  I came across this recipe and the name of it caught my interest, but at the same time kind of made me think, “Yuck, apples in scrambled eggs?”  Then, you look at the other ingredients in the recipe, and you realize that this probably isn’t going to taste like your typical omelet that has meat and veggies in it, but more like a “dessert,” and you think “Ah, what do I have to lose, we’re going to try this!



Spaghetti Squash, Apple, & Raisin “Casserole”

I got some education when making this recipe, mainly because it is called a “kugel” on the website, and I had no idea what that was.  The author described it as a baked “pudding” of sorts that is served by the Jewish for brunches or along with holiday dinners.  I guess they can be made with many different ingredients (i.e. noodles, potatoes, vegetables), and the author chose to make her own “style” of kugel using spaghetti squash noodles and making it sweet.

I was looking for something that I could make in advance and then heat up for a quick breakfast throughout the week when I found this, and it worked perfectly.  It could also be heated up and used as a quick snack that’s not too heavy.  I think I’ve said it in the past, I am usually a more “conventional food” person for breakfast (i.e. eggs, oatmeal, sausage, etc.), so the thought of having spaghetti squash for breakfast worried me a bit; however, to me the squash just adds filler, some sweetness, and texture.  The taste reminded me of some kind of cinnamon raisin bread pudding.