Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

This has become one of my favorite breakfast smoothies.  It seems that recently I have been having this at least once per week.  I call it my “chocolate ice cream” for breakfast :).  Unlike some other smoothies I have had, it is also quite filling.  I like to have it with 2 chicken apple sausage links to make sure I get some protein.

Let’s face it, I’m no photographer, so it was hard to get a “good” picture of this one.  It may not look the greatest from the picture, but it is worth trying!




Raw Chocolate Raspberry “Brownies”

I went looking for some new dessert recipes again, and since berries are coming into season, I decided to make this one (also because the picture on the website looked so pretty!)  🙂  I didn’t feel like firing up the oven last weekend, so it was nice to have several no-bake options to choose from, where you can do a lot of the work with the food processor and then just put it in the fridge/freezer.  Like a lot of the new recipes we’ve tried, you have to get used to its texture, but once you taste the chocolate and raspberry mix it takes your mind off of the texture.



Chocolate Muffins

This has been a week of cravings for me:  bad cravings.  I have wanted ice cream, cake with frosting, cookies, pretty much anything junk food that is really bad for me.  I am of the belief that sometimes those cravings just won’t go away until you indulge in whatever junk you keep craving; however, now I am able to do so without totally “violating” my diet changes, and risking feeling like crap later or the next day.  We have tried several muffin recipes, and this one is on the list that has been made several times.  There is not a huge list of ingredients, and it’s chocolate, enough to help with a girl’s sweet cravings :).