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Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Think back to a time your were making homemade chocolate chip cookies (before the “break-n-bake” times!)  Were you able to resist taking a spoon/fork full of the raw batter and eating it?  What about after buying the “tube” of raw cookie dough, did half of it go into your mouth before realizing that you would only end up with half a dozen actual baked cookies?  If you can relate, this recipe is for you :).  And for those who are afraid of eating those raw eggs, the recipe contains no eggs (as well as no white sugar, grain or dairy!)  I have to admit, when I took my first bite of this, I think my face must have lit up immediately due to the similarity in taste to the good ol’ cookie dough in a tube, or the homemade batter!!




Homemade Deodorant



One of the first things I remember being asked after my first nutrition response visit was, “Do you use store-bought deodorant?”  I remember thinking, “Why wouldn’t I?  What else is there to use?”  Then she informed me that my body was dealing with aluminum toxicity, and that antiperspirants tend to have some form of aluminum as one of their main ingredients.  I remember getting angry that something I’ve been using daily sometimes more than once since who knows when could possibly be one of the main reasons that I’ve been having one of my main issues since high school?!

Once the anger surpassed, I was able to listen to the recommendation that I either start making my own deodorant or buy a product that they had at the office.  Luckily, I had gotten a recipe for homemade deodorant from my sister not too long before this appointment, and I had just made a batch of it (initially for my husband to be the guinea pig for).  I wasn’t too excited about making this change.