cranberry sauce

Thanksgiving Dinner Trial

I had a random thought a couple of weeks ago: what am I going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner?  One of the big things I always look forward to is the stuffing.  Not just stuffing, but stuffing that is drowned in gravy.  Really, it’s not thanksgiving unless your whole plate (minus anything sweet) is drowned in gravy 🙂  So,

  • Step 1, find a grainless stuffing recipe if possible.
  • Step 2, figure out a way to have sweet potatoes that are not covered in marshmallows and packed in brown sugar underneath the marshmallows.  It makes me think that people don’t actually want to taste the sweet potato itself when they’re prepared that way, although I am guilty of indulging in them every year.
  • Step 3, maybe some cranberry sauce that is not made sweetened with white sugar?  The whole idea of the cranberry cause coming out of a can in that mold, along with the aluminum flavor that always stuck with it in my opinion, just isn’t too tempting anymore.
  • Final step, find some guinea pigs to sample all of these new recipes so that I can either get a thumbs up or down as to whether any of it should ever be made again.

This was not too difficult.  I needed help figuring out how to start a blog, and my sister-in-law agreed to help, so I pay her back by inviting her and her husband to be my guinea pigs, along with my husband. When all was said and done our menu included the following (start at the chicken and move clockwise around the plate):

Paleo thanksgiving dinner

1.) Baked chicken, either plain, with Franks Red Hot sauce (for the guys), or spicy jerk sauce

2.) Baked sweet potatoes with butter, honey, and cinnamon

3.) Grainless stuffing

4.) Spiced cranberry sauce

5.) Steamed broccoli (grown in my husband’s garden earlier this year, then frozen)