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Homemade Goetta

I had never heard of the word “goetta” until I moved to SE Indiana.  People were surprised when they asked me if I’d had it and I said no, that in fact, I had no clue what it even was.  Their explanation of what it is didn’t spur my curiosity enough to try it, as most people just said it was like breakfast sausage but it has oats in it.  I figured there was no reason to change from the breakfast sausage I already liked in order to try something new that people couldn’t describe the taste of very well.

I finally gave in and tried goetta ~2 years ago after running a 5K that was part of the Bockfest in Cincinnati.  My husband and I got a goetta dog, and I’m not sure if it was just the hunger after doing a run or if it was just that good, but I was hooked.  I always put ketchup on any kind of grilled “dog,” but I remember eating this one plain and being perfectly ok with it.  After that, we ended up buying a tube of the actual breakfast goetta and making it at home.  We try to make goetta more of an occasional indulgence versus a regular item on the breakfast menu.  The problem is, I cannot regularly find a brand locally that doesn’t contain nitrates and/or preservatives, which we are trying our best to avoid.

Earlier this month my husband and I were talking about how goetta sounded good, and he began researching how hard it is to make your own.  It is time-consuming, but we got multiple freezer bags out of 1 batch, enough for plenty of future breakfasts.