peanut butter

Apple Pie Bars

I was trying to keep the grocery list a little shorter this week, so I went looking for  breakfast/snack/dessert bar recipes that contain few ingredients, and ones that I already have in the kitchen.  I also wanted something fruity versus chocolatey.  These bars looked perfect, as they only contain 5 ingredients.  The recipe only makes a small batch, but you could easily double it if looking to take it to a gathering (or to freeze for later).

I couldn’t resist sticking my finger in the bowl for a sample of the “batter” after the bars were in the oven and before I washed the bowl.  I was immediately glad that I had put the pan in the oven, because I probably would’ve just taken a spoon to the bowl and just started eating the batter raw.  The next time I make these I might just spread the batter in the pan, put it in the freezer to solidify, and cut it and eat it as a no-bake bar.  The apple flavor is much stronger when it is not baked.  The bars are still good baked, I just always like to experiment a bit after making something for the first time.  You could always make a batch each way and see which is your favorite.




Peanut Butter Cookies

Although a lot of the new recipes I have found for sweet treats tend to use almond butter, peanut butter still holds a permanent place in my heart :).  There’s not much more of a basic peanut butter dessert than peanut butter cookies.  I hadn’t figured out how to make these yet with the dietary changes that I’ve made, but a month or two ago one of my co-workers told me that she had found a recipe and was nice enough to share it with me.  When I made my first batch I knew that these would be a keeper around our house, and others that have tried them that are not on the same diet have liked them as well.



Peanut butter-a-holic

I LOVE peanut butter.  If you know me very well, you know the extent of truth to this statement.  I am the one who packed a whole jar of cinnamon raisin peanut butter and a plastic spoon in my pack for a day hike in Oregon.  While everyone else ate their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I ate spoonfuls of peanut butter.  I have gotten bags full of peanut butter packs, peanut butter bars, Reese’s cups of all shapes and sizes, and jars of peanut butter for birthdays, Christmas, and going away gifts.  Puts a smile on my face every time.

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