Eggplant Pizza

Pizza without cheese….  At first it was like all of the other things I’ve had to change, it just sounded disgusting and made me sad to think about trying it.  After having it several times now, however, it’s just another thing that you don’t miss once you cut it out.  In fact, it almost brings out the flavor of the sauce and toppings more when the pizza isn’t smothered in cheese.

I was looking for a something different (that wasn’t regular pizza with regular crust) to have for dinner (as is the case every week when I think about my grocery list) when I came across this recipe.  I have made lasagna with eggplant and zucchini, but otherwise I do not have much experience with using it in recipes.  It looked very easy to make, and you can pick whatever toppings you want to put on top, just like your favorite pizza.  My husband got home as I was assembling these, and he was excited because they reminded him of good ol’ “Bagel Bites.”  Those were tasty as a kid, but thinking about them now kinda makes my stomach turn :0  These eggplant pizzas are worth making!