Sausage stuffed pancake muffins

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so a new breakfast recipe makes for an exciting morning for me.  How can you go wrong mixing pork sausage and pancake mix into a muffin with a little maple syrup drizzled on top?  Add a few chocolate chips or any other favorite toppings to add some additional flavor as well.  This made a large batch, and I was able to freeze a couple of bags of them.  I took them out of the freezer and put them in the microwave to re-heat.  It didn’t take much time at all, so no more excuses for not having time to eat  breakfast!  😉




Apple pancake sausage sandwiches

I was browsing for some new breakfast ideas and came across this recipe for “apple pancake rings.”  When I saw that it was basically cut up apples dipped in pancake batter and then cooked like a regular pancake, I thought, “why haven’t I tried that myself?”  Then, I thought, “I bet that would be really good if you made it into a sandwich with sausage in the middle, then drizzled it with some maple syrup!”  And so here we are.



What to do with cabbage?

My husband brought home a large batch of cabbage from his garden this week.  Aside from him making large batches of homemade sauerkraut, we found last year that it worked well also to cut the head into quarters and then blanch it in boiling water, put into freezer bags, and freeze it.  It works well to use for crock pot recipes, stir fry, and the dish that I’m about to share.  There is no “official” recipe name, because it is just something that I mixed together in a skillet the first time I had it (no recipe involved).  When I cook this way I don’t have specific measurements, but that’s not really needed for this dish anyways.



Sweet Potato Apple Hash

This is a very versatile, very tasty dish.  I’ve used it mainly as a breakfast idea, but I’ve also eaten it heated up for lunch, and I could easily eat it for a snack or dinner.  I also love the author of the recipe’s suggestion of using this for a camping trip with some scrambled eggs (planning a trip can be a little time-consuming and difficult on this diet, more to come on that later!)  It is easy to make, requires ingredients that are easy to find at the store, and if you’re desperate and don’t have anything else to make you might already have the ingredients.  I am also starting to appreciate how colorful some of the dishes are that you make when you use so many more “real” foods, and this one falls into that category as well :).