Chicken, Bacon, & Sweet Potato Hash

This is a relatively simple recipe with ingredients that you may already have on hand.  It doesn’t dirty a large amount of dishes, either; just slice n dice, and throw it all into a skillet.  When I first read the recipe I was a little skeptical on how much “taste” it would actually have, worrying that it might be bland.  I was pleasantly surprised when I ate it, though, and wouldn’t hesitate to make it again.  It tasted great the next day for lunch leftovers as well.  If you are not a fan of greens, I would still put them in, when they are cooked I don’t think you can taste them.




Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I used to think of sweet potatoes only around Thanksgiving time, and ate them as a side dish with all the brown sugar and marshmallow toppings.  It’s becoming more common to find a restaurant that will serve a baked sweet potato as a side dish, but when it’s plain I have to slather on the butter and at least cinnamon to give it some more flavor.  This recipe, however, can serve as a main dish if you want it to be, and it is not lacking in the flavor department by any means.  We were skeptical that this would fill us up when I first made it, but were pleasantly surprised when we felt pretty stuffed after eating it by itself.  Not to mention, it has bacon crumbled on top, how can it not be good??  😉



Zucchini “Ravioli”

We used to love “splurging” every now and again and eating that frozen meat-filled ravioli with spaghetti sauce and loads of cheese on top, baked in the oven.  There is not much about that now that fits in to our diet, other than the spaghetti sauce.  It seems hardest to re-create your favorite Italian dishes since they almost always involve pasta and lots of cheese, so when I saw a recipe with “Paleo” and “Ravioli” in the same line it immediately had my interest.  Like the “lasagna” that I’ve posted in the past, the ravioli is made with zucchini.



No-cheese Lasagna

When I used to make homemade lasagna, I was not skimpy on the cheese.  Most of the time I would use 2 bags of shredded cheese and one container of ricotta cheese for a 9×13 pan.  Lasagna is just not lasagna without that bubbling cheese and loads of sauce in my opinion.  So, when cutting dairy out of my diet it was not an option to just decrease the cheese in the lasagna and say everything would be okay.  I had made lasagna using zucchini as the noodles in the past, but it still had cheese in it.  I was unable to find a grain and dairy-free lasagna recipe that looked appetizing until recently (or maybe I was just pouting about the fact that I can’t have cheese).  I was actually quite surprised at how good this tasted, and all in all I didn’t miss the cheese.  My husband even liked it, and he would pick a pan of traditional lasagna over almost anything (except Mexican food) on most days.