sweet potato

Chicken, Bacon, & Sweet Potato Hash

This is a relatively simple recipe with ingredients that you may already have on hand.  It doesn’t dirty a large amount of dishes, either; just slice n dice, and throw it all into a skillet.  When I first read the recipe I was a little skeptical on how much “taste” it would actually have, worrying that it might be bland.  I was pleasantly surprised when I ate it, though, and wouldn’t hesitate to make it again.  It tasted great the next day for lunch leftovers as well.  If you are not a fan of greens, I would still put them in, when they are cooked I don’t think you can taste them.




Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I used to think of sweet potatoes only around Thanksgiving time, and ate them as a side dish with all the brown sugar and marshmallow toppings.  It’s becoming more common to find a restaurant that will serve a baked sweet potato as a side dish, but when it’s plain I have to slather on the butter and at least cinnamon to give it some more flavor.  This recipe, however, can serve as a main dish if you want it to be, and it is not lacking in the flavor department by any means.  We were skeptical that this would fill us up when I first made it, but were pleasantly surprised when we felt pretty stuffed after eating it by itself.  Not to mention, it has bacon crumbled on top, how can it not be good??  😉



Sweet Potato Apple Hash

This is a very versatile, very tasty dish.  I’ve used it mainly as a breakfast idea, but I’ve also eaten it heated up for lunch, and I could easily eat it for a snack or dinner.  I also love the author of the recipe’s suggestion of using this for a camping trip with some scrambled eggs (planning a trip can be a little time-consuming and difficult on this diet, more to come on that later!)  It is easy to make, requires ingredients that are easy to find at the store, and if you’re desperate and don’t have anything else to make you might already have the ingredients.  I am also starting to appreciate how colorful some of the dishes are that you make when you use so many more “real” foods, and this one falls into that category as well :).



Sweet Potato and Kale Chicken Patties

I am not a huge fan of kale by itself.  If it is hidden within other ingredients or chopped up in small amounts in a salad, I can handle it (and its many health benefits).  When I found this recipe, I think I was most intrigued because it looked like something very different.  I remember thinking that it could be a total “flop” as well, not knowing at all what it would taste like.  I also remember thinking, “I’ll just fry them up in bacon grease, and if they’re that bad, maybe they will at least taste like bacon and we can still enjoy them.”  🙂

These do require some in-advance preparation time, which could be a good thing or a bad thing.  If you are a good planner, they could make a good meal that is easy to just throw in the skillet and cook maybe on a late night getting home from work.  If you forget to plan in advance, I’m not sure how it would work out if you don’t let the mixture of ingredients sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours.



Chicken “Chili”

I learned when I moved to SE Indiana that chili where I come from does not mean the same as chili where I live now.  Mom’s chili had ground beef, chili and kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, spices, beer, (and maybe a few other things I’m missing!) in it.  No noodles or macaroni.  You ate it like a soup from a bowl with a spoon.  When I tried “chili” from Skyline for the first time, it immediately seemed wrong to me.  One, it was served with pasta.  Yuck.  Two, it wasn’t “soupy” at all; you could eat it off of a fork (texture is a big thing to me, and this texture just wasn’t right!).  Three, it was almost as if they had to cover up the taste of their “chili” with the cheese, which is piled on like a mountain (when I was eating cheese this was not a bad thing!).  And last, I expect a little spice when I eat chili, but this was sweet and had a cinnamon or some other flavor I couldn’t identify to it (which was not enjoyable to me).

The point is not to bash Skyline chili, just to say that sometimes recipe names can be a little misleading, especially if you are expecting one thing before eating it and then taste a whole different thing.  I feel like lately since changing our diet I have been saying to my husband a lot, “Now this is called “something” (i.e. chocolate chip cookie), but don’t expect it to taste like a “real” chocolate chip cookie, or you might be disappointed.”  Your palate truly does have to get used to tasting food in a different way.  That is why the “chili” is in quotes for the recipe name.  I would call it more of a “chicken vegetable soup.”  Whatever you want to call it, it’s tasty in my opinion, and after all of the slicing and dicing, all you have to do is throw it in the crock pot.  Don’t tell me it’s too hard to eat well  😉



What’s for Breakfast?

One of the first things I’m thinking about when the alarm clock goes off in the morning (or when hopefully waking up to no alarm clock on the weekends!) is, “What am I going to have for breakfast?”  I cannot function without eating breakfast.  Even when I don’t wake up hungry, I eat breakfast.  It is part of getting me going in the morning.

Up until ~2-3 months ago, I was eating a lot of frozen waffles with peanut butter and syrup for breakfast.  Although they were gluten-free and had a much smaller ingredients list than the regular frozen waffles (not to mention incredibly tasty), they still weren’t a great choice for breakfast.  My other go-to was the pre-packaged oatmeal in a variety of “flavors.”  I realized that I could make my own “flavors” with no “junk” using quick-cooking or old-fashioned gluten-free oats, a little almond butter, honey, and whatever other dried fruit or nuts I want.

There are days, however, when we don’t want any of the above, or eggs (or perhaps we are out of eggs).  So, I went looking for some more unique breakfast recipe ideas.  I came across a recipe for “Breakfast Bacon and Maple Meatballs,” and at first all I could think was that breakfast and meatballs are two words that don’t really go together.  However, I was also intrigued and of course had to try them.